Western U.P.

Michigan's Upper Peninsula has enchanted me ever since I can remember. I still recall my first visit at age 10. The raw and rugged beauty of the waterfalls, vast forests and rocky coastlines left a lasting impression on me as the wildest place I had ever seen. 31 years later I am still captivated and it is here in the western U.P. that I made my first exposures on large format 4x5 sheet film. Lake Superior and the wild glory of the rocky landscape that makes up the western U.P. will forever entice me to return for yet another taste.

I have found great intimacy in this landscape and have focused on reproducing that intimacy in the images I have made here. This landscape speaks of inner peace, tranquility and balance. It truly is nature's Zen Garden, especially in autumn. See the color of the season reflected in a crisp, fast moving current of a river or stream and follow the water on its long journey to lake Superior. Rediscover your true nature wile sitting on the rocks along the shore or hiking a trail into the wilds of the rugged western Upper Peninsula of Michigan.