North Shore

I first visited the North Shore of Lake Superior in July of 2017. My visit was to the region of Minnesota known as The Arrow Head and I would quickly fall in love with this wild and wonderful landscape. The coastline here is much different than that of the Keweenaw, with its large

Palisade Head, overlooking Lake Superior and the various rock formations and sea stacks that dot the coastline. This region is also home to the Boundary Waters, a region of wilderness straddling the Canada–United States border between Ontario and Minnesota. This region is characterized by a vast network of waterways and bogs within a glacially-carved landscape.

When I first visit a landscape that I am not familiar with I focus more  on becoming antiquated than with making images. I did however make a few exposures on this first visit and the resulting image featured here is of Hollow Rock. 

I plan to return to the North Shore as and the Boundary Waters in the near future to further immerse myself into this amazing  and important ecosystem.