Expressions of the Traveler… Stories of the Landscape.

Artist Statement:

Beneath a thin envelop of atmosphere wedged between molten rock and the cosmos, the cycle of life turns in perpetual motion, consistent with the rotation of the planet. A silver crescent moon hangs high over the reticent solitude of the dunes below, as night succumbs gradually to morning’s sonata. Dawn breaks casting a golden veil of light over the rippling sands, washing the landscape of her pensive Nocturne. Here I find myself fully present, awake and in tune with the universe striving to compose this immense feeling into a single frame, an arrangement of feelings, shapes, textures and tones commonly referred to as “The Photograph”.

My work is not just an artistic expression; it is a holy commune between the soul and the fabric of life. It’s a space that when entered awakens my consciousness and like the unconditional, unspoken love between a mother and her newborn child, it is an invisible energy that connects me with my true self. Seeking not to capture but convey the world that I witness. Striving not to take but to engage, through a collaborative effort with my subject. Cooperating to convey a sense of beauty or vast reflection. Distilling a single moment or span of time into a single frame.

Although I seek to share my experiences and awaken others through my work, what I do, I do first for myself. With an innate desire to explore, ramble and escape societal conformities, my work has provided me with sanctuary in an often- overwhelming and intrusive world. For me its quite like John Lennon’s “There’s A Place”, through my art I can escape inside my mind and seek refuge from the suffocating cacophony of modern times. Alone with my camera I seek out quiet solitude, minimal stimuli, and awareness of my fundamental senses. I have come to require this experience much the same, as one requires food, water, and sleep.

I find great fulfillment and pride in the work I do and to state that success and critical acclaim are not amongst my desires would be to deny truth and honesty and frankly there’s enough of that going on in the world already. That said, artistry for me, is not about title, status, or honor. It is not a badge of merit or a trophy to be placed upon a shelf; rather for me, the reward is in the moment, the process and the action.

Won’t you walk with me in solitude and solidarity as I share my collaborative efforts with the landscape with you?


Born 1976 - Livonia, Michigan, USA - Currently lives in Suttons Bay, Michigan, USA

1996-97 - Graduated with Honors, Specialized Associates Degree, Film/Video Production - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

1994-95 - Advanced Radio and Television Career Center Course , Churchill High School, Livonia, MI

 1993-94 - Black and White Photography Course, Churchill High School, Livonia, MI

Awards: 2019 - International Photography Awards, 3rd Place - Analog/Film Landscape

2019 - International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention - Analog/Film Landscape


Select Solo Exhibitions:

2013 - Huron Valley Council for the Arts

Select Group Exhibitions:

2019 - Dennos Museum, Northwest Michigan Regional Juried Exhibition

2013 - Michigan Fine Arts Competition, BBAC


On Landscape - Issue 182, 2019

On Landscape - Issue 173, 2018

The Nature Conservancy - Giving to Michigan “Cover” 2018

The Nature Conservancy - Field Notes from Michigan - Fall 2017