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The Leelanau Peninsula was first inhabited by the Ojibwa  people who called this land "ke-ski-bi-ag," which means "narrow body of water," and called the lake which runs through the middle of the peninsula itself "lee-lan-au," which means "delight of life". Later the name Leelanau was given to the entire peninsula by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft who was the United States Native American agent in Michigan for a period beginning in 1822. The leelanau peninsula is where I am blessed to make my home and although I am quite familiar with the region I find its spirit and beauty continue to captivate me.  The mood of the landscape constantly changes brought on by both the seasons and the atmospheric conditions found in this micro-climate.

"Lonely - Moodiness" is the inspiration and emotion that depicts my work in this region and I believe I have only began to scratch the surface of image making here in Leelanau. With is trademark topography made up of dunes and lakes it is an ever changing and shifting landscape full of beauty and wonder.