I find inspiration in not only the work of other photographers but in many other art forms as well, including music. Very much like photography music is an emotionally felt experience that connects millions of people. As artists we take raw emotion and mold it into an expressive medium. By sharing this expression with others we find a seance of gratification, however we also open ourselves up for criticism. We must be open to, and ready to accept both flattery as well asassessment from others. Sigur Ros is a band I find very refreshing. Heima or "At Home" is afilm put together to document the bands return home from extensive touring to preform several free concerts during the summer of 2006. It's a piece that gets my juices flowing and longing to visit Iceland in search of emotional experiences and connections. Its interesting to listen to them speak about the criticism of the Icelandic people as being heavier than the rest of the world fan base. This beautiful look into the life and minds of one of Iceland's most recognized bands is full of raw emotion. Coupled with their fantastic music and views of the amazing Icelandic landscape, Heima is an inspiration.